To begin your project, we measure the applicable area of your home or commercial unit personally, professionally, and precisely. Once those measurements are in place, The Wood Joint’s experienced team of design consultants guide you through the looks and layouts that best suit your space.

Every feature – the species of wood, the style of cut, and the custom finish – is thought out and planned in creative collaboration with clients. Our goal is to make the design selection process seamless and simple, because we know success in Step 1 makes the craftsmanship to come so much smoother.



With a design plan in place, the next step in our process is building your cabinets and woodwork creations by hand. No assembly lines or cookie-cutter production here, simply skilled craftsmen with the talent to turn your vision into reality. Using state of the art tools and carpentry equipment, our manufacturing team – made up of tradesmen with more than 200 years of combined experience in the field – transforms raw materials into works of art.

Among the many aspects of The Wood Joint which sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to custom-built cabinetry. You can rest assured that your new cabinets are proudly built in the USA. All our woodwork starts and ends in our shop located in Sedona, AZ. Mass production methods might be easier, but for our builders, the beauty of their craft lies in taking the time to make something truly unique.



After the finishing touches have been put on your project, The Wood Joint performs a rigorous process of review and inspection. We have the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship for our products, standards which must be met on every level before a build is shipped out.

We take great pride in our cabinets – and in the reputation built on them – which is why we only allow the best reflection of our work to leave the shop.



The final step in our process is one that too many cabinet companies tend to ignore: installation. Rather than use subcontractors to install your new woodwork, The Wood Joint employs a dedicated installation team made up of experienced, courteous, and professional tradesmen.

From the first step to the last, we’ll handle everything to ensure that all aspects of your project meet our exacting standards.

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