Miscellaneous Wood Accents, Furniture & Storage Solutions

Cabinets and other traditional woodwork features are our bread and butter here at The Wood Joint. But we also love coming up with one-of-a-kind accents based solely on our clients’ imagination and inspiration.

For decades now, collectors have come to The Wood Joint to design custom wooden display cases that show off and protect their most prized possessions. Vendors including jewelers, art galleries, and gift shops come from all over Sedona to furnish their stores with unique storage and display creations.

We build spot-on replicas of antique furniture to replace pieces of a beloved set that have gone missing. Or maybe you want a one of the kind piece similiar to something you’ve seen online or in a maganize, we can do that to!

When you know exactly how you want a woodwork feature to look and feel –but you can’t quite find an exact fit searching online – The Wood Joint will faithfully bring your vision to fruition.

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